Thursday, July 20, 2006

40 Some odd hours later...

Well, I made it. I wish I had had some sort of crazy adventure to report, but sadly there were no engine failures, no emergency landings. The whole thing was rather boring. As always, I managed not to sleep at all throughout the entire thing. I'm sure I invented some new yoga positions in my various attempts at comfort. Midgets* often forget how truly lucky they are. Jerks. Thankfully, three cinematic masterpieces were shown during the first flight. Lucky me.

As much as I should be hunting for employment right now, I really want to be frollicking around in the woods, prancing about without a worry. Or any clothing. I've always assumed that this is what Swedes do, and I refuse to allow anyone to tell me otherwise. I have many other assumptions about Swedes, more specifically the female variety, and I've made damn sure that My fits them all accordingly. I'm off for some breakfast.

- Daily goal: Avoid using/learning any Swedish words. My language is more important.

*I know they prefer to be called "little people" but frankly I prefer to be called captain Zanthorpe, and it has yet to happen, so fuck them.


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