Thursday, August 24, 2006

CBS To Mimic Harsh Reality Of America

This year's Survivor will have teams split up into ethnic groups. Wow, that's totally like how real neighbourhoods are split up into ethnic groups! Shit, my high school cafeteria was split up into ethnic groups.

For anyone in a pool, here are my picks: The Black Team (consisting of the whites) will win. Even if they don't win, they'll still win. The Chinkies (consisting of the Hispanics) Will be overwhelmed by completing their own tasks as well as those for the Black Team, who will pay the Chinkies incredibly low amounts of food in exchange. The Dirty Mexicans (consisting of the Asians) will abandon the game early when their lone calculator battery dies. And finally, the Don't Worry, We're "TV-Friendly" Blacks (consisting of the blacks) will be confined to a crappier section of the island, until they form a grassroots political organization, which eventually dismantles due to disagreements over the use of force. Team names to be confirmed.


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