Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Workin' man

I apologize for the lack of updates. The computer at My's mom's place crashed less than a week before we got there (I smell sabotage! No wait, that's bacon. mmmmmmmmmm...) so now we have bacon. No, I mean we have no computer, and the computers at the library are about as useful as a librarian at a computer. Wooooaaahhh.. On the bright side, I discovered this thing called "outside". There's no blogs or viral video outside, but you can do this thing called walking around which I found kind of interesting, though it did take a bit of practice.

I'm now more able to post here because I've got myself a bit of a job, working in a small shipping & receiving warehouse for My's step dad. Booyakasha. Or as they say in Swedish, Kvxöfk¤spabfå!!! It's just two shifts a week, but it's still money. Here's a picture of me three days ago before I had a job. The man made me sell out.


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